Monday, July 26, 2010

Color depositing shampoo/ product for black hair?

I dyed my hair black and use color protecting shampoo, but it's fading back to brown and I don't want to re-dye my entire head again, it's been only a few weeks since I dyed it. I know there are some for blondes, brunettes and reds, but any for black?Color depositing shampoo/ product for black hair?
Actually I've mentioned this to manufacturors before, and to date, I have not yet come across any line that makes a black depositing shampoo or conditioner.Color depositing shampoo/ product for black hair?
if you only used a semi perminant dye on your hair, you can dye it again. since it is fading that fast, it probably is a rinse, not permanent color. You will be fine! You can also use a clear rinse on your hair to make it shinier and so the color wont fade so fast
Pantene's Midnight Expressions line should do the trick.

(It's more to maintain black hair color and help it stay rich than to color it dark again...
did you get permannet dye or temporary?

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